We use many premium American made* fabrics, the same fabrics used for human baby diapers. Organic bamboo with silver ion infused fabrics are quilted in the center to pull moisture away. These fabrics inhibit the growth of bacteria which can cause odor and rashes.
Please change diapers when they become soiled as you would with a human baby diaper. 
​We recommend no more than 4 hours between changes. If your dog is fully eliminating while wearing, we suggest an absorbent pad inside for extra protection. 

Premium, stay-dry wicking fleece works BETTER than regular fleece or flannel which you see in most "other" brands manufactured in China and sold on Amazon. 
Not the cheapest,  but we can guarantee this is the BEST pet diaper you have ever used.
​I have many clients telling me their diapers are 5-8 years old and still going strong!

Handmade quality you can count on since 2010.

Read our REVIEWS. 

2 bellybands and 6 pads for small/med only

  • XS up to 11" $65
  • SMALL 12-14" $84
  • MED 15-17" $95

One bellyband and 3 washable pads. Sm-Med only

  • XS up to 11" $38
  • SMALL 12-14" $48
  • MED 15-17" $58

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Ordering is simple! Just fill out the form below with size and print selection in the Message box, I will send invoice via Paypal. 
​3 or more diapers are 15% off. You can also order directly on the main site www.spoiledbratzwear.com 

* must have this info

*our waterproof diaper fabrics are made in the USA except for a few prints which are made in Canada. 

Eco-Insert washable pads fit perfectly in the diaper pouch without snaps or adhesive. 


We fit ALL size dogs! From 2 pounds to 200!

You can also order directly on the main site www.spoiledbratzwear.com

Sizing/Pricing for female panty diaper:

XS 7-9" waist $32.50

SMALL 10-12" waist $38.50

MEDIUM 13-15" waist $44.50

LARGE 16-20" waist $54

XL 21-24" waist $62

SIZING/PRICING for single bellyband:

XS 8-11" waist $22.99

SMALL 12-14" waist $24.99

MEDIUM 15-17" waist $28.50

LARGE 18-20" waist $34.50

XL 21-24" waist $45.00

XXL 25" waist and over $50

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