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Deeply sewn comfort dry channels pull wetness away from your dog for comfort and cleanliness.

The Original Pee-Liminator™ was created in 2009 for a foster dog who marked in my home. At the time the only bellybands I could find were flimsy cotton, unattractive and poorly made. They had narrow hook and loop fasteners that didn't stay closed and even worse, they LEAKED. They had squared ends which were always rolling up catching on things and they were so bulky on the back. 

I thought, "Why not make washable pet diapers like washable baby diapers with waterproof fabrics?" and my idea was launched.
​Widely copied, they were the first pet diapers of their kind on the open market in 2010. I was already selling dog clothing in my Etsy shop in 2008, and donating to IG rescue groups and foster homes who ALWAYS need bellybands, so this was a perfect fit.
Our #1 selling washable pet diapers and bellybands are sold around the globe and recommended by groomers, vets and customers who want the BEST.
They are only sold here on this website and my dog clothing website, you will not find them anywhere else.
I don't wholesale or farm work out, each one is made by my hands only  with the finest American made fabrics and exceptional attention to detail. They will last for YEARS with the proper care.


Washable, waterproof pet diapers are guaranteed to keep your home and pet dry with premium baby diapering fabrics what wick moisture AWAY from your dog with deeply sewn comfort dry channels to prevent irritation. With silver ion technology, organic cotton and bamboo fabrics to prevent bacteria and odors to keep your dog and diapers smelling fresh. AMERICAN MADE FABRICS! 

Incontinence, house-training, marking and female seasons are not a problem anymore! For MALE and FEMALE dogs of all sizes.
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What pet parents and pet professionals recommend since 2010.
Handmade with love in Arizona, USA