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Taking care in the laundry will give your dog YEARS of wear. I have customers reporting nearly 10 year old bellybands still in use!  These fine fabrics are specifically designed to withstand wash after wash, they are the very same fabrics used for human baby diapers and adult incontinence products. Many of out fabrics are made in the USA and free of toxins and chemicals commonly found in the textile industry. They are produced in a "green" manner as to not pollute our planet. Yes there are cheaper knock offs on Amazon, all factory made in China. ​Ours are proudly handmade in Arizona, USA since 2010.

CLOSE ALL VELCRO SECURELY!!! This will keep the smaller hook (scratchy) side of your fastener lint~free. Build up of lint will lessen the grip so this is VERY important. If lint does accumulate on the hook side, use a safety pin or small crochet hook to lift the lint from between the hooks. 

Use mild detergent and NO FABRIC SOFTENERS in the washer or dryer.
You MAY use a very small amount of vinegar rinse but fabric softeners will clog up the internal wetness core and they won't be as effective.

You may also use laundry salts in the washer. I love Mrs Meyers Lavender Scent Boostermade with just salt and essential oils to freshen your laundry without harsh chemicals.

Because these diapers are worn against the skin, you want to keep them as natural as possible. 

Wash warm /hot water and either air dry, sun dry or throw them in the dryer on medium heat.